Create memorable experiences that forge lasting connections

Today, event attendees are looking to get more out of attending an event. They are looking for meaningful, unique experiences that create lasting memories and build strong connections.

Our experiences can help you achieve those goals. They aim to send your attendees home with stories to tell, posts for social media and the desire to attend your next event.

Select Your Experiences


Dine at one of our lively restaurants and bars. For your convenience, we offer to-go food from our restaurants so you can enjoy from the comfort of your room.


Canyon Market

Stop by for directions to the best hiking locations around the Valley. Purchase performance food and gear essential to an active lifestyle, or simply visit to enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee and a freshly-baked muffin. 

For more information Canyon Market


SWB, A Southwest Bistro

SWB crafts creative Southwest cuisine in wood-fired ovens. Enjoy the inviting atmosphere created by the open kitchen as our celebrated chefs prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For more information Southwest Bistro.


Center Stage Bar

Cascading fountains and glowing fireplaces. Enjoy nightly live musical expressions in an array of styles, from soulful vocals and urban acoustic to edgy folk.

For more information Center Stage Bar.



Serving a theatre of Japanese cuisine…sushi, sashimi and traditional Japanese dishes with a contemporary twist.

For more information Noh.